'We've had enough': Flood-hit locals call for Sydney dam walls to be raised

 After three decades of government inaction, a decision seems imminent about what to do with the Warragamba Dam.   Three devastating floods in 18 months have wiped out thousands of  homes and businesses in Sydney's west, causing extensive damage.   "We've had enough," said Graham, a grass farmer on the banks of the Hawkesbury River in Windsor. "I've had water in my house twice this year. I can't take it anymore," said Brad, a bricklayer in Pitt Town.   Low-lying areas of Sydney's west and northwest remained mildly flooded during prolonged torrential rains, but it was the water that ran through the dam wall at Warragamba that caused the most damage. Stuart Ayres, Minister of Western Sidney, said: “If we raised the wall 14 meters and used it to catch water during showers and then release it slowly during dry spells, we would stop it. most of the  areas were sunk".   "It can't happen soon enough" for people living in the area, Gra